About Komal Nasir

Komal Nasir has made her name within a niche circle of designers doing amazing work in reviving our rich heritage and dying crafts, by producing bespoke shawls, scarves & stoles. Komal has her hands full being a mommy of four with a running business that is flourishing. Her work is a labor of love which is a testimony to her sheer mastery over design aesthetics. 

"Many women give up on their dreams and forget about attaining goals when they get married but we have only one life to make an impression and do something that our heart desires and I want to make the most of it. I do not want to waste a single day. I believe that we are in this world for a purpose which is to help others. I do not only work for my satisfaction but another thing that keeps me going is the idea that my work will be providing employment to so many people. This is enough to make me achieve my goals."